The Men of Praise - Vision, Biography and Performance History

God says that His Word will not return void.  The Men of Praise believe it, and they also believe that the Lord’s Word is powerfully presented in the format of contemporary and classic Southern Gospel music.  The members of this Gospel ensemble have a vision - and it is the creed of their home church, Sagemont Church, Houston, Texas - to “bring living proof, of a loving God, to a watching world.”

Larry Brown brought the first members of Men of Praise together in March, 2003.  The goal was to master a repertoire of uplifting songs and sing them for the folks in the nursing homes and assisted living communities around the south Houston area.  The need was great, and remains, to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those unable to visit a local church.  They began simply; voices singing to the accompaniment of a performance tape played on a portable player; but as time went by God blessed their efforts more than any of them could imagine!  He also broadened their mission field beyond their expectations.

We brought our singing gifts to the Sunday school worship at Sagemont Church and soon discovered that there was a great demand for our music.  The membership of Sagemont Church has been an overwhelming blessing, supporting the ministry with encouragement and monetary contribution, allowing the Men of Praise to upgrade the sound system and music library.

Early on, the Men of Praise added the Texas prisons to the ministry, and we have sung at several south Texas institutions.  As God provides opportunity and empowerment, Men of Praise will continue to reach out to the community, to bring the joy of the Gospel to those in greatest need, and to lift up their Savior in thankful song.

We sing monthly at the New Chapel morning Bible study (I-Connect), and at the Wednesday evening services at our home church;  and the group provides all of the music for the baptism services under Sagemont Church’s giant cross on the Sam Houston Beltway.  We sing regularly at other Sagemont Bible classes (I-Connect) when time and opportunity permits. Also, when invited, we provide music for ministry banquets and home-going services.

The Men of Praise supports the Bay Area Gospel Music Association (BAGMA) and as members participate in BAGMA Showcase concerts.

We have recorded two albums to date, and a third is on its way.  We hope our supporters will enjoy this newest offering.  We think it is our best product.  Check our web site for details.

The members of the Men of Praise are voices trained primarily by their participation in the Sagemont Church choir.  God, as He always does for His glory, has blended them into a vibrant and energetic sound.   It resonates with the strength men’s voices have when men truly, and from their hearts, lift up their Savior.  The ages of our group spans 20 years; truly a cross section of generations of believers, dedicated to proclaiming the joy of the Lord.

The members of the group are:  Alan Dunn and Grady Owens, 1st tenors; Kevin Riggle and Travis Terrell, 2nd tenors; Paul Nelson and Doug Claunch, baritones; and Larry Brown and Johnny Canion, basses.  Our wives have always been supportive of our ministry and we thank you, ladies.  Two others deserve a bit of special recognition and our warmest thanks.  Kathy Terrell provides a trained ear to help us with the quality of our sound.  She travels with us, works the soundboard, and gives us valuable performance feedback.  Sharon Brown quietly and efficiently accomplishes most of the administrative chores involved with our efforts.  We thank you all!

And to the greatest extent we can muster, we thank Almighty God for giving us the opportunity to reach out to our community.  May His Word continue to save!

Performances in the community are too numerous to list individually.  The Men of Praise to date have sung at:

  • More than 200  Christian churches of several denominations
  • At least 30  Nursing homes
  • Five  Jails/Prisons
  • Thirty  Retirement Communities
  • Three  Hospitals/ Hospice
  • More than 100  Public Concerts

    We reached a milestone in 2014 having performed over 500 times!  May God grant us many more for His Glory!  God is Good, All the Time!